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Need Help Hiring a Skip Bin in Auckland?

Skip Bin Sizes:

General rubbish: 2m³, 3m³, , 5m³, 6m³, 7.0m³, 9m³ & 12m³ bins

Clean fill skips, eg: soil and clay: 2m³, 3m³ and & 4m³

Hard fill skips, eg: for concrete, bricks, stone, tiles, gravel, rocks, sand & tarseal: 2m, 3m, 4m & 4.5m³

NOTE: you can't put hard fill or clean fill into a general rubbish bin

Our hard and clean fill skips are low loading so a wheelbarrow can be emptied into the bin - except the 2m bins need one brick in front of the bin for height.

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Weight Restrictions:

Our general rubbish bins have an excess weight charge of $0.15 per kg  ($150 per tonne) that we have to pass on should the bins go overweight. The standard weights are as follows:

2m³ 450kg, 3m³ 600kg,  5m³ 750kg , 6m³ 1000kg, 7.0m³1200kg , 9m³1600kg & 12m³ 2000kg.

There is no excess weight charges on hard fill clean fill skips.

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Our Rubbish Removal Services:

  • Contact us 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
  • Lightweight and small trucks for small driveways.
  • Drop Off & Pick Up Times to Suit.
  • Obligation Free Quote.
  • Options for extended time of hireage.
  • 100% Service Guaranteed!
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Just Bins require 2.6m width to get down your driveway.

You can put green waste and general rubbish together in a general rubbish bin as we recycle from our end, but you can't put hard fill or clean fill into a general rubbish bin.

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Sam & Alana Mccool rubbish collection aucklandJust Bins is a family run rubbish removal business in Auckland operated by Sam and Alana McCool. 

Just Bins has a fleet of 6 trucks and can supply bins of all sizes between 2 cubic metres and 12 cubic metres. Just Bins is going very strong and our company policy is to provide a prompt and friendly service!




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